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America Computer Associates Complete Web Protection

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Complete Web Protection

Complete Web Protection

Advances in social networking like Facebook, Web applications like Twitter, and commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay present new security challenges to protect users from where they are going, what they are downloading and from anyone malicious or fraudulent with whom they are interacting online. Traditional anti-virus, Web filtering and networking solutions can't keep up.

ACA brings safety and trust back to these platforms. ACA Complete Web Protection offers customers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based secure Web gateway that protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft, and other harmful activity online - in effect, providing a pure wire to the Internet.

The service:

  • Inspects outbound Web traffic for safety and compliance
  • Analyzes Web site response traffic for malicious programs and untrustworthy users
  • Provides global visibility through comprehensive and flexible reporting to the user level
  • Protects users accessing the Web in the workplace, on laptops and via mobile devices

Compliance Enforcement
  • URL Filtering: Integrated URL filtering with real-time reputation scoring and content analysis.
  • Data Leak Prevention: Stop sensitive data leaks from leaving your organization via Web traffic - control access to Webmail, block the ability to upload certain file types, and stop keyword postings on user-generated content sites such as blogs and Wikis.
  • Application Control: Manage access to various Web applications, including non-browser based Web applications such as instant messaging, VoIP, P2P file sharing and streaming media applications.
  • Bandwidth Control: Maximize bandwidth by keeping unnecessary and unauthorized traffic off of your network, and accelerate your traffic through collaborative content caching in the service.
  • Flexible Policies: Powerful, customizable rules can be set from a single screen to govern restrictions and exceptions for individual and groups of users, with control to block, override, coach, quota-based usage throttling, rule scheduling and real-time alerts.
Advanced Threat Protection
  • Web Reputation: Response traffic is analyzed in real time based on HTTP headers, content filtering and link analysis to dynamically classify Web sites on the fly to make fast, accurate decisions about the security of those sites.
  • Script-Attack Prevention: Perform multiple security checks to determine what exactly a specific application is trying to do and block malicious scripts before they enter your network.
  • Anti-Malware: Object-based malware detection uses string scanning and advanced heuristic technology to block unknown Web-based viruses and spyware before they can gain access to your network.
  • Anti-Virus: Signature-based anti-virus protects against previously identified viruses.
Easy Administration, Flexible Deployment
Administrators manage and monitor the service using an intuitive Web-based interface that provides a blend of enterprise-ready and usability features such as directory integration for group- or user- based policies, predefined security policies, and a wealth of security, compliance and usage reports. We offer flexible deployment options, ranging from simply configuring a Web browser to proxying all traffic directly to the service with no on-site software, to forwarding traffic from the firewall, to more advanced configurations such as LDAP/Active Directory integration and intercepting proxy configurations.

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Why URL filtering is not enough

The Web is experiencing explosive growth.
With one new domain coming online each second, static database-driven solutions can't possibly keep up. In fact, of the 400 million URLs online, only 100 million of those are actually classified by traditional URL filtering solutions. And malware authors know not to use those that are classified.

Dynamic, AJAX-based applications treat the browser as an operating system.
The growing complexity of browser-based applications creates new targets for hackers to exploit, with sensitive data and business logic completely exposed. There is no program or executable downloaded, so there is no file to scan. Users don't have to click on anything to be compromised.

User-generated content can't be trusted.
Millions of consumers post content online. In fact, more than half of the top 100 Web sites are based on user-generated content - including social networking sites, feedback forums and more. This leaves a void in online trust when it comes to communication, collaboration and commerce online and from your network.

HTTP has become the hiding ground for botnets and rogue applications.
Masquerading as HTTP allows the malicious applications to bypass network firewalls and IPS completely undetected. With some 300,000 new bots detected each day, it's no wonder that one in 20 companies has bots in its network.

Laptops are not protected outside of your building - Some 20% of the workforce works remotely full time.
The corporate perimeter extends far beyond the office walls, yet your protections do not. Employees are just as likely to browse the Web from their laptop in a hotel, coffee shop or home as they are in the workplace. Existing Web security solutions require VPNs and bandwidth-hungry backhauling for some partial protection.

Mobile Web traffic is completely unprotected.
Employees continue to use personal mobile phones and PDAs for business, sparking heightened security concerns for businesses and Web use increases from these devices. In fact, 73% of companies have BlackBerry users, and 15% of users regularly access the Web from their mobile devices.

Enterprises are realizing the benefits of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS).
There is a shift towards decentralizing enterprise networks and eliminating the need to backhaul traffic to corporate headquarters. Studies show that 92% of organizations are open to SaaS-based security as a platform that extends protections outside of the network, reduces costs, relieves the need for in-house security expertise, and helps companies reach their strategic infrastructure goals more quickly.

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So why ACA Complete Web Protection?

Business Benefits
  • Save +40% of what's being spent on current URL filtering/Web filtering solutions
  • Plan for a fixed annual service fee with predictable pricing and budgeting
  • Control budgets by moving capital expenditures to operational expenses
  • Reduce energy-related operating expenses and the carbon footprint
  • Reduce the administrative burden and workload
  • Remove the need to buy additional hardware/software
  • Improve employee productivity and reduce liability
  • SaaS makes it easy - make the switch for no additional cost
Technical Benefits
  • Increase security beyond URL filtering/Web filtering with best-of-breed Web malware protection
  • Protect and control remote users accessing the Web via laptops and mobile devices
  • Eliminate the need to backhaul traffic from branch offices or distributed locations
  • Gain global visibility and control on employee Web browsing, file transfer and application use
  • Move Web filtering to the cloud so that no malicious traffic hits the network
  • Maximize bandwidth by preventing unnecessary and unauthorized traffic
  • Centralize security policy management and enforcement
  • Update technology and security analysis in real time for zero-day protection

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ACA Complete Web Protection - for Laptops

The corporate perimeter extends far beyond the office walls, yet your protections do not. Employees are just as likely to browse the Web from their laptop in a hotel, coffee shop or home as they are in the workplace. Existing Web security solutions require VPNs and bandwidth-hungry backhauling for some partial protection. ACA Complete Web Protection for laptops eliminates the burdens that current Web security solutions require and extends user protection beyond the corporate perimeter.

ACA Complete Web Protection for laptops enforces security and acceptable use policy on employees who travel outside the corporate network, whether they are on the road or at the office. You could simply configure remote users' browsers to point to the service, but non-compliant users could easily disable the configuration. Instead, ACA Complete Web Protection for laptops installs on laptops and locks down the settings that point browsers to the service so they can't be altered. The service attaches LDAP and Active Directory user and group information to Web requests, so that you can fully enforce policy and prevent malware from reaching remote users, regardless of how secure their connection may be. All traffic between your users and the service is SSL encrypted, ensuring maximum security of your data.

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ACA Complete Web Protection - for BlackBerry

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. Employees continue to use personal mobile phones and PDAs for business, sparking heightened security concerns for businesses. A recent survey from Osterman Research shows that 73% of companies have BlackBerry® users and more than 15% of users regularly access the Web via mobile devices. Yet, mobile Web traffic is completely unprotected.

ACA Complete Web Protection extends your Web security beyond the corporate perimeter, to protect your users browsing the Web on mobile devices.

The Web Security Service for BlackBerry enables organizations that have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to:

  • Protect your employees browsing the Web no matter where they are in the world
  • Centrally enforce Web usage policies and security controls for individual users on desktops, laptops and BlackBerry devices
  • Consolidate Web usage reporting for incident handling and forensics
  • Integrate simply with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with no hardware or software to install or maintain
  • Integrate URL filtering, anti-virus, anti-malware, application control, and policy management - all without installing any software on the device
  • Receive free assistance in setting up matching policies, rules, reports and alerts with your existing Web filtering solution

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