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American Computer Associates and Zix use the "Best Method of Delivery - Outbound", as shown below.


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Do you have a Safe and Secure method of sending sensitive data using E-Mail?

Use ACA and Zix it to keep it secure. Encrypt your email today!

Regular Email isn't a private conversation. It's easy for others to intercept and read. Keep your business to yourself by sending sensitive email securely. It's just as easy as sending regular email, and it ensures that the only people reading your email are the people you're sending it to.

Remember, your business partners and customers trust you to protect sensitive information. Encrypt your email today and secure that trust.

Is your organization in Compliant with Federal Regulators for Secure E-Mail?

American Computer Associates partners with ZixCorp to provide a policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance. As the largest hosted email encryption service provider, ZixCorp protects millions of email addresses including those of some of the nation’s most influential institutions.

Our easy-to-use service connects entities with their customers and partners to protect and deliver sensitive information in healthcare, finance, insurance and government.

ZixCorp’s unmatched Email Encryption Service allows customers to communicate seamlessly and securely with no additional work. Each ZixCorp customer is enrolled in the ZixDirectory, our global repository with more than 16 million members. With ZixDirectory, customers eliminate the need to build their own directory of encryption keys to communicate securely with their partners and customers. ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service is easy-to-use and is the leading encryption service in the industry today.

The Choice of the Federal Regulators

FFIEC regulators, including the FDIC, OTS, OCC and NCUA use ZixCorp to secure their email. The CSBS has named ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service as a Proven Solution and now many state banking regulators use ZixCorp.

ZixCorp has hundreds of financial institutions as customers. When financial institutions use ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service they get seamless, secure email communications with their partners and customers, many who are members of the ZixDirectory. That means instant secure communications with your federal regulators.

Risk Management and Increased Security

States continue to introduce security legislation to help protect consumer privacy. ZixCorp helps protect this data with email encryption solutions that also help you benefit from:

Risk management

Security best practices

Reduced liability

Avoidance of fines and bad publicity

Retained customer loyalty

Compliance with HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations

Automatic Content Scanning — Accurate, Convenient

ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service has built-in lexicons that automatically detect and encrypt messages that contain personally identifiable information. It’s invisible to end users and helps prevent accidental transmission of confidential data, including:

Personal financial information

Social Security numbers

Account numbers

Credit card numbers

Financial terms

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American Computer Associates and Zix use the "Best Method of Delivery - Inbound Encrypted Reply", as shown below.























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